Cancún is a tourist destination located in the state of Quintana Roo, on the Yucatan peninsula in southeastern Mexico.
Yucatan Peninsula is composed of many lagoons, sandbars, and mangrove swamps, and is edged with coral reefs; several islands lie off shore Cozumel, Isla Mujeres, Isla Holbox, and Contoy.
Cancún Island is approximately 16 miles long with the highest point above sea level being 200 feet, is a surf and snorkel paradise, The lagoon, enclosed by the -L- shape of the island, is ideal for sailing and water-skiing. Deep-sea fishing and diving are fantastic in the open sea.

The beaches are one of Cancún's most famous attractions, and everyone seems to enjoy the endless activities that abound on almost every beach.
Buses run along the island every few minutes, and the down town to the beaches.
There are many reasons for Cancún's popularity as a tourist destination including: its gorgeous beaches with clear turquoise waters, excellent resort hotels offering a full range of amenities and modern facilities, gourmet restaurants, vibrant night life, great shops, and nearby Mayan ruins. Further, Cancún has great weather, with an average temperature of 80 degrees F (27 degrees C) and 240 days of sunshine each year.

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